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June 28, 2009 / Shamal Karunarathne

Twelve or Thirteen

Today I received the image below by email. Which was a challenge for me to figure out how the 12 men become 13 men (or 13 men become 12 men) just by altering the top halves of the image. I’m still trying. Help me to figure out.

twelve or thirteen

**NOTE: The image changes very slowly, be patient.



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  1. A good friend but wasn't there when U needed me / Jul 10 2009 7:09 pm

    2 men in the 12 men picture(the 2nd man and the 9th man) are taller(bigger) they both lose their lower and upper parts and due to a deliberate misalignment of the top half and bottom half, we see and extra men

    • Shamal Karunarathne / Jul 10 2009 8:56 pm

      It is very hard to figure out. Thanks for the comment. I should take time on weekend to understand it better 😉

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